From design to manufacture to install, Toppco have worked closely with Harbour Town to deliver these quality GRC Seating planters.

Utilizing the robust nature of GRC along with a natural wood (spotted gum) for the perfect seating position.

These items have been designed by Toppco and will be become apart of their standard range.

We love working within our local area so that we can appreciate our works.

These custom Gorgeous GRC Planter/Seating units manufactured and Installed by Toppco Designs.

From Concept to Design to the final product Toppco Designs worked closely with the Client (Mykra) to ensure that the customer vision could be a reality.

Finished in Vivid White these seating units finish off Harbor Towns upgrade perfectly

In conjunction with Sarah Construction we have successfully equipped the newly built Resthaven located in Aberfoyle park SA with over 100 large Custom Charcoal Planters.

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Custom designed Raised planter beds for the new Tonsley Tafe institute in South Australia.

A total of 8 separate planter beds that range in size from 8 metres all the way up to 13metres.

Totalling over 80 individual GRC Pieces

Including some very neat architectural pieces to provide the illusion of heavy boulders (ultra-light weight GRC).

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Completely Custom GRC Planters/Seats

Installed as a centre piece in front of several local business’s situated down the Iconic Goodwood Rd in Adelaide

These Planters/Seats provide any and all pedestrians somewhere to rest their feet whilst taking in the beautiful aroma of several different species of plants.

The addition of some lovely Hardwood and individually marked pieces of art incorporated really makes these pieces stand out.

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The newly refurbished Harbour Town SA has now been finished off with the perfect mixture of custom designed outdoor street furniture, this combination of GRC units with a beautiful Hardwood top just compliment each other perfectly. Toppco have worked in conjunction with a local company to produced these one of a kind items. Along with our Standard Planter Boxes these combination of GRC units really do finish off this Shopping centre perfectly.

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